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Prepress Support Library

Our WWO technical library is intended to answer common questions about preparing and submitting your pdfs for printing. We try to keep the information up-to-date to reflect the latest versions of software. If you don't find your answers here, please contact us.

Welcome package for new customers

How to Set Your Document Up

How to Name Your PDFs

How to Use Insite

How to Use Smart Review

How to Export a PDF from InDesign for Macs

How to Export PDFs from Quark

These documents will help you make sure your job is set up correctly and help you submit clearly labeled, print ready pdfs to our production department. Our goal is your satisfaction with your print work and the right page is printing in the right place on the right version.

Exporting PDFs from programs other than Indesign or Quark

The following links are a series of guides on how to export a "printer ready" pdf from some of the less popular page creation programs. An important note, however:

WWO only recommnends Adobe Indesign or Quark Express as page creation programs. We would strongly discourage page creation in any other programs. Some, such as Word, Publisher or Pages, are not robust enough for professional page creation and do not have good pdf export options. Others, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, are better suited for their intended purpose of photo manipulation and artwork creation. Photoshop ruins type quality and both programs create bloated, excessively large pdfs.

Kodak Insite User Guides

Having some problems with Insite earlier guides aren't addressing? Want some detailed information on Insite? Would you like to use Insite with your Ipad? The following guides are directly from Kodak and may have the answers you are looking for.

In Case All Else Fails!

Can't get your PDFs to upload? You can send up PDFs with a file transfer system or with FTP. Please be aware that if you are planning to approve online, you will still need to get your Java working. Smart Review relies on it. Also, you will get the quickest service when you use Insite. We don't check our FTP unless requested and large file transfer emails have gotten caught lost in the volume of email we receive in prepress

Please call for our FTP information. Instructions for using Adobe Send now are posted below.

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